The Pinellas Public Library Cooperative, in conjunction with the Florida Department of State's Division of Library and Information Services, is launching a time capsule project in honor of Viva Florida 500 to celebrate 500 years of Florida history and cultural diversity. We are seeking community input for the time capsule contents and other needed information.

Thank you for your time in answering our short survey and assisting us in the 2013 celebration of Florida Viva 500.

The Pinellas Public Library Cooperative and your Local Library

* 1. How long should the time capsule be stored?

* 2. What items should be stored in the time capsule?
(Keeping in mind they should represent our area of Florida and the capsule has a limited capacity.)

* 3. What is the most identifiable aspect of your community that should be included in the time capsule?

* 4. What types of programs would you like libraries thoughout the county to offer to celebrate Florida Viva 500?

Thank you for your response.