The results of this survey provide a glimpse into how Pennsylvania licensed motorists think and act in regard to highway safety in the Commonwealth. The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete and all responses, including the “comments” fields, are completely anonymous.

The collected information will support the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s planning efforts to help reduce fatalities and injuries on roadways. We appreciate your participation.
New Initiatives Based on Prior Years' Survey Data
Previous survey response data has led to a review of PennDOT communication strategies to ensure our messages reach our target audiences via the most appropriate platforms. To address a concerning percentage of speeding-related crashes observed via recent crash trend reports, PennDOT has increased the amount of federal funds dedicated to local speeding and aggressive driving enforcement operations in 2018.
The most commonly addressed topic from last year's survey was related to the high frequency of observing distracted driving behaviors such as using a hand-held cell phone, texting, or checking email while driving. PennDOT is reviewing the latest research and best practices for distracted driving countermeasures, and is exploring new strategies to promote attentive driving practices.
Note: SurveyMonkey, the cloud-based survey tool being used for this survey, is not linked to, nor does it collect information regarding, your email account.  The only information collected about survey respondents is the information you provide via your responses to the survey questions.