Introduction and Applicant Information

Thank you for your interest in the Community Involvement Commission. As Seattle’s population grows and changes, the City needs to continually revisit and expand its public engagement efforts to ensure growing demographic groups are represented in the City’s decision-making processes and that barriers discouraging people from participating are eliminated.

In July 2016, Mayor Murray signed Executive Order 2016-06 reaffirming his commitment to advance effective implementation of equitable and inclusive engagement strategies across all City departments. This new commission will advise the City on policies and strategies to advance equitable public engagement and civic participation.
Applications are due Wednesday, March 1 by 5:00 p.m.

Applications may be submitted in any language.

Everyone is eligible to apply.
ATTENTION: Please scroll down and review all the questions on this page before you begin your application. Once the application is started you will not be able to save and return to it later.

If you have questions or need more information, please visit

* 1. First Name and Middle Initial

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* 5. Neighborhood Information

You can lookup your Council District Number here.

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* 7. What is your primary occupation or expertise?

* 8. Are you currently under contract with the City of Seattle?

* 9. Tell us more about yourself. 

* 10. Please describe why you are interested in serving on the Community Involvement Commission.

* 11. Please describe the connections you have in your community. These could include faith-based, cultural, ethnic, or interest-based groups (to name a few).

* 12. Describe one topic you would like to have the Community Involvement Commission address.