1. DOI GPS & Mobile Mapping User Survey - All Users

GOAL: To better understand how the Department of the Interior (DOI) is using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology. This survey is needed to establish DOI requirements for the use of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing technology, or GPS.

Your input to this is critical to defining requirements, training, future support, integration efforts, coordination, and risks.

Many of you use GPS and mobile mapping technologies for many types of activities. Each of these may have their own requirements for accuracy, post-processing, real-time location information, etc.

NOTE: If you use GPS for more than one activity (question 8), or you wear multiple hats (question 2), we encourage you to fill out the survey for each activity.

Please help us better define your needs and take the time necessary to fill this out as completely as you can.

For further information please contact your GPS Subteam representative: http://www.nps.gov/gis/egim/gpssubteam.html

Results will be made available on the EGIM Web site after the survey and analysis is completed. This is at: http://www.nps.gov/gis/egim/

* = required response

* 1. Please provide your contact information. This will only be used if the reviewers need to contact you for clarification.

* 2. Please tell us about what GPS hat you wear (pick the best that applies):

* 3. Bureau you are with? (If mixed Bureaus please use other)

* 4. Do you have a Bureau GPS coordinator?

* 5. If you do NOT have a Bureau GPS coordinator, do you think you need one?

* 6. How many employees in your local office are using GPS?

* 7. Is your local office engaged in any litigation that involves the use of GPS?



The following questions focus on your GPS activities. If you have time, please fill the the survey out once for each activity. If not please reflect all activities in your responses. Thank-you!

* 8. What types of activities do you use GPS for? (We encouraged you to fill out the survey for each activity. Please select all that apply.)

* 9. How much time do you spend annually performing these GPS activities?

* 10. Do you feel you need GPS training to do your job?

* 11. What types of training do you find most valuable? (Check all that apply)

* 13. Do you track GLONASS (Russian Satellite Navigation System)?

* 14. What field data collection software do you use on the GPS units? (Pick all that apply. Post-processing software is later in the survey.)

* 15. What is the dollar value of your existing installed GPS hardware and software? NOTE: If equipment is shared between staff, please reduce dollar amount to the appropriate percent of the total. (Positive whole number no commas or $ please)

* 16. How much do you plan to spend annually on GPS hardware and software including maintenance?

* 17. What is your required HORIZONTAL accuracy (95% confidence)? (Pick all that apply)

* 18. What is your required VERTICAL accuracy (95% confidence)? (Pick all that apply)

* 19. Do you require this accuracy while in the field (real-time)?


* 20. Do you utilize any of the following for differential correction on this activity?

WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System)
NDGPS (Nationwide Differential Global Positioning Service)
RTN (Real Time Networks)
RTK (Real Time Kinematic)
VRS (Virtual Reference Stations)

* 21. Do you post-process to achieve the required level of accuracy(s)?

* 22. What post-processing software do you use with the GPS units? (Pick all that apply)

* 23. Do you utilize NOAA-NGS Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) for this activity?

* 24. Do you utilize PPS (Precise Positioning Service, Military-grade receivers)?

* 25. Why is access to PPS required? (Pick all that apply)

* 26. Please help us identify the level of GPS outage that would impact your activity?

  1 (Low) 2 3 4 5 (High) Don't know
If GPS is not available for 1 hour
If GPS is not available for 1 day
If GPS is not available for 1 week
If GPS is never available

* 27. Do you have an alternative/backup plan in place for the loss of GPS should this happen?

* 28. Do you use GPS for timing applications?

* 29. Please provide us any other insights to your GPS needs that we may have missed. (Rants/Raves)

Thank-you! Please make sure to enter your information by clicking the DONE! button below.