Benefits to DOHaD Canada Membership:

- DOHaD Canada provides a forum to support cutting edge transdisciplinary research, collaboration and knowledge exchange with a goal of improving life-long health, learning and social function.
- DOHaD Canada provides and supports national networking opportunities for all members including PIs and Trainees and plans on holding an annual meeting
- DOHaD Canada will disseminate news, information and funding opportunities relevant to members
- In the future, DOHaD Canada plans to provide workshop support and Trainee programs (research and travel bursaries) that will be available to members

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* 5. Please provide names and e-mail addresses of your TRAINEES, so we can invite them to be members and to involve them in DOHaD Canada activities

* 6. Given our goal of inclusivity, we would appreciate you letting us know of COLLEAGUES, who you think might be interested in learning more about DOHaD Canada

* 7. We plan to hold formal elections in 2017, to select a DOHaD Canada Executive (President, Treasurer etc) and Council. Are you are in agreement that the present Interim Council serve until that time

* 8. Please provide any additional feedback below

Thank you for completing our Membership Form! If you have any questions, please contact Victoria De Luca: