Dreaming Our Future

In 2019, St. Mary’s began a process of discerning our future that we are calling Dreaming Our Future. It’s not a new endeavor, really; every ten years or so, the vestry and congregation have embarked together on a period of reflection and discernment about who we are as a faith community, and where God is calling us.

To that end, St. Mary’s owns a little over 9 acres of developable land adjacent to the church that we are evaluating for a use that aligns with our values. In June of 2022, as part of Dreaming Our Future Phase 2, the church hosted two ideas sessions with the congregation to brainstorm potential development uses. 
The next step is to understand the congregation's preferences on these potential uses for the site, which may include a combination of different uses. Regardless of which use(s) are selected, we will preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the site. 

Thank you for contributing to the process by taking this survey.

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* 1. Please rank the following potential uses for the St. Mary’s 9+ acre site in order of preference. You may elect to rank only a few options or rank all 9 options. 

If you choose not to include one or some of the options in your rankings, that will not impact the weight of your response. You may skip ranking by selecting not applicable (N/A).

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* 2. Please share your thoughts about why you prioritized the potential uses the way that you did.

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* 3. Are there other uses not listed that you would like to see considered?

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