1. Policy Revision Input

The Department of Corrections values your input
In order to complete this survey, you will need to have the DOC Policy number available (i.e., 100.050, 500.000).

Please note that the input received through this survey will be reviewed during the regularly scheduled revision period for each policy. Survey comments may not be used for urgent policy revisions that are done outside of the scheduled revision period. Although input will be carefully considered, submission does not guarantee inclusion in the revision of the policy. You may not receive additional correspondence relating to your comments.
Contact Information

This survey should not be used for reporting grievances or safety concerns. For these and other pressing matters, please contact the DOC Correspondence Unit at 360-725-8213 or DOCCorrespondenceUnit@doc.wa.gov to receive information on those specific processes.
Contact the DOC Policy Office at DOCDLHQPolicy@doc1.wa.gov if you have questions regarding this process.

The information submitted in this survey may be eligible for public disclosure and confidential information will be redacted. This document is governed by Executive Order 16-01, RCW 42.56, and RCW 40.14.