1. NPO Planning for 2009


With the changing economic environment affecting our members in various ways, NPO would like to take a pro-active approach to address pressing concerns. NPO provides many benefits/services for our members based on your input. With this information we can pursue short and long term options that will strengthen our organization.
The survey questions relate to services and programs that will have positive impacts for our membership at 12, 24 and 36 month intervals. We depend on involvement from our membership so we can achieve more together. Thank you for your participation in this survey.

There are three easy ways to respond to this survey:

1. Paper copy returned to PO Box 2160, TC MI 49685-2160
2. E-mail: info@npoinc.org
3. Web: www.theclaimforum.com

1. Would like to see more relevant and discounted services available to the membership?

2. Would you like those services available to your employees?

3. Would you like an NPO membership program affiliated with other membership programs in order to obtain discounts in overall fees?

4. Would you like to see purchasing programs for practice furniture, supplies and medications?

5. Would you like an NPO sponsored group Health Plan available to members?

6. Would you like to see the NPO become more involved in wellness programs?

7. Would you like to see networking opportunities socially, electronically and by referral?

8. Would you participate in programs that could be created in a for-profit arm of the NPO that benefit the membership financially?

9. Do you participate in the annual salary survey?

10. In what way do you prefer to receive information from NPO

11. What are the main concerns of your organization: check all that concern you

  Very Important Important Concerned somewhat Not a concern N/A
Legal support
HR/Personal Management/Employee issues
Coding/Billing issues
Bad debt/collections
Patient issues such as patient flow, disgruntled
Fringe Benefits: list specifically
Legislative issues
Medical mal practice cost

12. Do we have an email on file for everyone in your practice?

Please send email address to: info@npoinc.org or bswitzer@npoinc.org

Your email address is our link for communication. It is never shared with anyone.