Energy Smart Action, Your Input Requested

Thank you for taking this short survey. Your input will provide valued support for services provided through the Smart Planning for a Green Future initiative.

We are seeking input for Webinar and Virtual Conference topics and speakers as well as other support provided through the Virtual Resource Center.

Our focus will be on bringing you the latest developments, innovations, best practices and other practical information for your use in meeting the needs of communities.

1. Following are some examples of smart energy planning topics. Please let us know how interested you would be in the individual topics shown, on a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 being the greatest interest.

2. Please let us know about other topics of interest to you as relate to the overall theme of this project:

3. Are there particular organizations or individuals you suggest that we contact for or as prospective speakers? If so, please note the topic(s) you suggest them for and provide whatever contact information you can. Suggestions for information to feature in the Virtual Resource Center are also invited.

4. Can you suggest any others within or outside of your agency or organization who we should inform about our programs and services? Please include email addresses (or phone numbers) wherever possible.

5. We welcome information on steps your agency or organization has taken to further the use of energy conservation, energy efficiency and/or renewable energy resources for your community:

6. Have you attended a Webinar or Webcast before?

7. How would you classify the community or communities that you represent or reside in?

8. We’d welcome having the following information about you (all or part):

Thank you again for providing your thoughts and information. We also welcome your sharing our information and the survey link with others within or beyond your organization for their participation. Stay tuned to our Website for more about these free and high impact events and services.