Dear Ambulance Transport Officer members

As you are aware St John have submitted a revised offer and the negotiation team are considering the details. One of the main compromises in the latest offer is a 1.5% per annum pay raise for each year of the agreement.

If you haven’t seen the new offer, please click here to view.

We have two main issues over which we have concerns, and we would appreciate your confidential input to help us develop future negotiation strategy.

Firstly, the AEAWA negotiation team are opposed to a wage cap at year 3 for new ATO’s, as we feel that the role of Transport Officer is worth more than this figure suggests.

We feel that capping future Officers will lower the industry average wage, cause downward pressure on wage growth, and make it harder to negotiate a future pay raise.

However, as your negotiation team we need to know if this is something that our membership will support, should St John put it to a ballot?

Question Title

* 1. Would you be willing to accept capping new Transport Officers at year 3 salary bracket?

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