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* 1. We have an important election coming up that will select people to govern our city and state and The Outdoor Circle is inviting your input for specific questions to be posed to the mayoral candidates. We will gather similar questions and concerns to present them to candidates to answer and publish on our website shortly.

Here’s what we are asking:

When thinking about the future of our island, what questions or concerns come to the top of your mind that you would like candidates to answer on any/all of the following general topics? We have kept these intentionally broad to allow for you to express the question(s) you’d like answered most.

These general topics include:

a) livability;
b) sustainability;
c) enhancement to the quality of life for residents; and
d) improving the green infrastructure and treed landscape

For example, based on the above general topics, some specific questions for candidates might be like these examples for illustrative purposes:

1. Where do you stand on the rail? Should it be re-evaluated, stopped in place, re-purposed, other?

2) Where do you stand on land-use rezoning, in particular the rezoning and repurposing of preservation land and the repurposing of residential lands for non-single family home use. What is your stance on public input on this topic, and how would you foster it as an important part of the process? How do you feel about individual communities across Oahu being allowed to decide what should be built in their own communities?

3) Where do you stand on the Neighborhood Board system (some people want to dismantle it)?

4) What efforts would they propose to increase our tree canopy? How would you improve the current process of tree removal in public venues, that happens without proper public input?

5) How do you feel about public/private partnerships? How would you promote that (i.e, what would you propose to reduce the ridiculous barriers currently in place that prevent private groups like ours from participating in enhancement projects in our own communities)?

6) Homelessness issues regularly top resident concerns. What is your plan for solving this issue?

7) How can we be smart about tourism, when it returns, to prevent destruction to our natural resources?

8) Would you support a “green tax” to improve our green infrastructure as other cities have done?

9) Noise pollution from modified vehicles to emit extra noise is dangerous and degrades quality of life. What would you do to stop this?

10) What plans do you have to make our island more livable and sustainable?

These are just some of the types of questions you might have, but please add your own so that we can have a wide variety to use in our candidate survey.

Please note that we may not be able to include specific questions or all areas in our surveys sent to candidates, but we will do our best to represent the majority of questions from our community on these topics.

PLEASE ADD QUESTIONS ALL IN THE ONE COMMENT BOX BELOW separated by number if you have more than one question.

Thank you for your input and help!