Five-Year Strategic Plan Survey

The Williams Bay Board of Education is in the process of creating its next five-year plan.  As they work on the plan they would like your input into its development by answering the following questions.  Thank you for your assistance - it is helpful and appreciated.

* 1. I am a ----

* 2. What are some things that you like best about the Williams Bay School District?

* 3. In your opinion, what are some areas in which the Williams Bay School District could improve?  Please provide your thoughts and ideas on how we could achieve these improvements.

* 4. As the School Board works on developing its next five-year strategic plan, what short and long-range issues do you think need to be a part of this plan?

* 5. Are there any new initiatives/programs you would like to the District implement?  If so, what are they.

* 6. Now that the District has completed its new Elementary School, are there any other facility issues that you believe need to be considered by the School Board?

* 7. During the next five years, the School Board will be developing a succession plan for the District's leadership.  What would you like them to consider when developing this plan?

* 8. Good communication is essential for any organization to succeed.  How well do you think we are doing as a school district and do you have any recommendations for how we could be even better communicators?

* 9. What role should the School District play in the greater Williams Bay community?

* 10. What other comments, opinions, ideas or questions do you have regarding the Williams Bay School District and its future?