Homeschool Connections is planning to partner with an outstanding instructor to produce learning videos for you and your children. These video lessons will be geared for elementary-aged children. Please tell what you need for your homeschool. Tell us what will work best for you and your family -- so that we can give you EXACTLY what's best for you.

* 1. In the area of language arts, if you could have one learning video series to buy for your elementary-age children, what subject would the video series cover? You may choose more than one answer.

* 2. What grade level would you most likely use video lessons to teach language arts? You may choose more than one answer.

* 3. For grades K to 2, how long would you like your video lesson to be?

* 4. For grades 3 to 5, how long would you like your video lesson to be?

* 5. Would you prefer to purchase your video lessons as a physical DVD or would you prefer to watch your lessons streamed online?

* 6. Have you purchased learning videos for your children in the past?

* 7. If you answered yes to the previous question, what did you like or dislike about that series?

* 8. Any last words? (optional)

* 9. If you would like to be notified of Homeschool Connections updates, including this video project, please leave your email address. Thank you -- we appreciate you!!

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