1. Why we need your opinion

DNA QLD offers paternity testing for legal and non-legal cases. In Australia, little research has been done with people who have paternity testing done. So, DNA QLD is conducting research which we hope will lead to a more understanding and emphatic service for our clients.

Your responses will be coded and I will not know your identity or your contact details. Some of the questions have multiple responses supplied, so just pick the one closest to your story, or select "other" and write a short answer.

At the end of the survey is a free section for you to write whatever you wish about your paternity test experience. This section is very important to enrich the data in the survey.

I appreciate all surveys which are completed. If you would like to contact me about the survey please email me on andrea@dnaq.com.au or call the office on 07 3831 2177.

By completing the survey, it is understood that you are allowing me to use your answers for research.

Thank you
Andrea Hayward
Director DNA QLD