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Before beginning, please review the information below about the survey and your rights as a participant:
ArtsBuild Ontario with research support from NORDIK Institute and Algoma University are undertaking the Mapping Northern Creative Spaces Project to map existing creative spaces in four communities in Northern Ontario, assess if spaces are meeting current and future needs, and identify the potential demand and feasibility for additional creative spaces within the Northern Ontario context. 

There are four components to the project: i) survey selected communities to collect data; ii) online forums for each community to review the survey findings and discuss pathways forward; iii) a four-community online forum to share learnings and mobilize knowledge; and iv) a final report for each community. 

Please complete this survey if you: 

1) do not have a creative space but want it;  

2) own, operate and manage an individual creative space that is only for their private needs; or,

3) own, lease and/or manage a creative space that is open to the public and could have tenants 

If you represent an organization that owns or operates and manages creative space, please complete the Organizational Creative Spaces Survey. Note: Organizations do not have to be formal, such as a non-profit society, they can be informal such as collectives or groups.

The survey deadline is Nov 6, 2020

On the next page you will find the survey questions. Before that, we would like to share information about your rights as a participant and answer some frequently asked questions.

Are my answers anonymous? 

The survey is completely anonymous meaning, we don’t know or will be able to identify who you are. The answers we receive are grouped together with all other answers, so we cannot trace the answers back to the person who made them. 

Should you wish to provide us your contact information, (it is optional), we would only contact you about this project to share results and future invitations. It will not be included anywhere in the survey findings.

What if I don’t want to finish the survey?

Participation is strictly voluntary and you may exit the survey or close the browser window at any time and your answers will not be saved. You can skip any questions you prefer not to answer. 

What are the risks or discomforts of participating in the survey? 

The risk to participating in this survey is low (including physical, social, psychological, and emotional risks) since all your answers are anonymous and all your answers will be combined with all other answers in the survey. Almost no one will be able to connect any of the answers to the people who made them.

However, as the SurveyMonkey service that we are using to collect answers uses a server located in the United States, it is subject to the USA Freedom of Information Act that permits US law enforcement to seek a court order that allows access to a person’s personal information without their knowledge.

Apart from this exception, all survey responses are anonymous.

What are the benefits to me or others? 

This project evaluates your community’s inventory of potential artistic places/spaces, reports on your community’s practices, and informs recommendations for creative space projects to strengthen the arts sector. The project aims to fill a knowledge gap around facility management within the arts sector by identifying preliminary means to address the creative space needs of these communities.

How is the information being stored?

All digital files relating to this project will be kept in a password protected computer in Jude Ortiz’s office which will remain locked at all times when not present.  

Is there any pay or compensation for completing the survey? 


How will my answers be used?

Your answers will be used as data to create a summary report for your community. The data and report will inform the online forums for your community during which the participants will review the survey findings and discuss pathways forward. The data will also inform a four-community online forum that will share the overall project learnings and discuss mobilizing knowledge, as well as a final combined report that includes an overall summary of the project findings with each community’s report. 

Can I see the study once it is completed?

The final report and any additional informational methods such as infographics will be available publicly on the ArtsBuild Ontario website. We will also share these pieces with the community directly through our partners. You can also sign up to receive copies directly by providing your email address at the beginning of the survey. If you change your mind by the end of the survey, just click “previous” until you get back to the question that asks for your contact information, remove your answer, and then submit your responses.

Who is conducting the study

Dr. Jude Ortiz of NORDIK Institute at Algoma University (

Prof. Sean Meades of NORDIK Institute at Algoma University ( 

If you would like to know more about the study or have concerts, please contact them. 

Rights of Survey Participants

If you have any questions about the rights of study participants, please contact the Research Ethics Board at Algoma University (

Please print this page for your personal records or information.

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