Selected Posts on Philosophical Method and the Sociology of Philosophy

I'll be publishing a book of selected op-eds and blog posts.  I'd like to hear readers' opinions about which to include.  Below are some of my posts on philosophical method and the sociology of philosophy -- my 7th and final poll.  Click here to rate my posts on moral psychology, here to rate my posts on technology, here to rate my posts of belief, desire, and self-knowledge, and here to rate my posts on cosmology, skepticism, and weird minds, and here to rate my posts of consciousness.

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* 1. Please rate these selected posts on philosophical method and sociology of philosophy (click link to view post, if you like)  The posts will be revised for book format.

  No, Don't! Meh Good A Favorite Haven't Read It
Against the One True Kant
The Ghettoization of Nietzsche
Discussion Arcs
At What Age Do Philosophers Do Their Most Influential Work?
Kant on Killing Bastards, Masturbation, Organ Donation, Homosexuality, Tyrants, Wives, and Servants
Obfuscatory Philosophy as Intellectual Authoritarianism and Cowardice
Was the Latter Half of the 20th Century a Golden Age of Philosophy?
On Trusting Your Sense of Fun
Storytelling in Philosophy Class
Against Charity in the History of Philosophy
Truth, Dare, and Wonder
Philosophy Via Facebook? Why Not?
The Philosopher's Rationalization-O-Meter
On the Winnowing of Greats
The Wason Selection Task and the Limits of Human Philosophical Cognition
Names in Philosophical Examples
Nazi Philosophers
On Being Good at Seeming Smart
The Humor of Zhuangzi; the Self-Seriousness of Laozi
The 1935 Preface to Kant-Studien
Why Wide Reflective Equilibrium in Ethics Might Fail
Genuine Philosophical Dialogues

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