* 1. Do you have a Campus Parent Portal Account (Grades 1st – 12th)?

* 2. How satisfied are you with the way your child’s school works with parents?

* 3. Did you participate in any of the following decision making opportunities requiring parent input and partnership (mark all that apply)?

* 4. What ways can the school better involve parents in school planning?

* 5. Which of the following prevent you from being able to participate in school functions, activities, and planning events?

* 6. How can we strengthen parent and family engagement?

* 7. How clear is your understanding of the subject areas your child is expected to learn?

* 8. How often do you communicate with teachers at your child’s school?

* 9. In your opinion, how effective are the following when it comes to the school communicating with you?

  Not Effective Effective Very Effective
Parent meetings (open house, curriculum night, etc.)
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Newsletters/Flyers sent home
Automated calls from the school
School website
Class Dojo (elementary only)
Text (Remind)
School Facebook Page

* 10. Do you have difficulty with any of the following?

  Yes No
Understanding school policies
Contacting your child’s teacher
Accessing the Parent Portal (if applicable)
Receiving automated phone calls
Helping your child with homework

* 11. How can our school improve on actively engaging parents and community members in the activities of our school to increase student academic achievement?

* 12. Please list any possible community organizations and/or businesses that you feel would be ideal school partners:

* 13. When is the best time for you to attend a school event (day and time)?

* 14. Is your child participating in any of these programs?

The Fannin County School System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, creed, or disability in admission to its programs, services, and activities, in access to them, in treatment of individuals, or in any aspect of their operations. For additional information or referral to the appropriate system coordinator, contact the system superintendent’s office at 2290 East First Street, Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513 or 706-632-3771.