U of M Alumni Club of Tampa Bay Board Elections Questionnaire


Position Descriptions (partial description):


Two Co-Presidents
The Presidents' responsibilities include:

· Supervising and coordinating U of M Club of Tampa Bay activities
· Calling and presiding over regular and special meetings of the Board
· Ensuring the holding of the Annual Meeting as called for by club’s bylaws
· Ensuring the completion of the U of M Club of Tampa Bay  Annual Report for the AAUM
· Serving, if interested, as a member of any standing or ad hoc committee, with the right to vote
· Appointing, with a majority vote of the Board and Committee Chairs, standing or ad hoc committees for the U of M Club of Tampa Bay  and their respective chairpersons 
· Serving as principal liaison with the University, the Alumni Association and other organizations

Vice President
The Vice President’s responsibilities include:
· Presiding over the U of M Club of Tampa Bay  meetings in the absence of the President
· Ensuring that the term limits described in the U of M Club of Tampa Bay  bylaws are adhered to by the Officers and Directors of the Board
· Serving as a resource for the Chairs of the U of M Club of Tampa Bay ’s committees, and participating in associated activities as needed
· Assuming the duties of the President on an interim basis if the President is unable to complete his/her term

The Secretary’s responsibilities include:
· Giving notice of the U of M Club of Tampa Bay  Board meetings
· Taking and distributing meeting minutes at Board and special meetings
· Maintaining a permanent record of all U of M Club of Tampa Bay  proceedings
· Tallying votes from the Board, Committee Chairs and general membership
· Maintaining and circulating the current Articles of Association, Bylaws and Addendums of the U of M Club of Tampa Bay
· Taking attendance at U of M Club of Tampa Bay Board meetings

Two Co-Treasurers
The Treasurers' responsibilities include:
· Receiving all funds paid to the U of M Club of Tampa Bay
· Disbursing money on properly authorized orders/invoices
· Maintaining the permanent record of all financial matters
· Preparing a Treasurer’s Report on the status of the operating and scholarship funds for all meetings of the Board, including the Annual Meeting
· Preparing a final report for the prior fiscal year and submitting such report to the Board

Leadership Chairs

Career: Organizes networking events and career enhancement activities.
Community Service: Organizes group volunteering events for philanthropic causes.
Cultural: Organizes events pertaining to the visual and performing arts, architecture, and the like.
Sports: Organizes sporting events, watch parties, and coordinates alumni sports teams.
Social: Organizes social events (e.g. happy hours, wine tastings, restaurant visits).
Family/Subrban: Organizes events and activities for alumni with families and/or events in the suburbs.
Scholarship & Student Recruitment: Oversees fundraising for our club’s scholarship program and organizes events to welcome new students.
Marketing: Promotes club events and initiatives via website, email, and social media; graphic design experience a plus.
Big Ten relations: Acting as a liaison of the U of M Club of Tampa Bay and building relationships between our club and other local Big Ten clubs.
Banquet Committee:
Planning, arranging, and coordinating the annual banquet event for the U of M Club of Tampa Bay.

* 1. What position(s) and/or chair(s) interests you?

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* 3. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

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On behalf of The U of M Alumni Club of Tampa Bay, thank you and GO BLUE!