Industrial network infrastructure devices such as gateways, switches, and routers control data traffic between lower level sensors and controllers and higher tiers of the enterprise/IT/automation hierarchy.  This infrastructure layer, sometimes called "the edge," is also one of the focal points of emerging industrial internet-enabled strategies due to its role in core functions such as edge-to-cloud integration and edge computing.

This short survey, which should only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, is part of ARC Advisory Group's multi-faceted research into the anticipated extent and impact of cloud integration at the industrial network edge. Responses are encouraged from both current and potential users of cloud-connected industrial network infrastructure solutions as well as providers.

For the purposes of this survey, industrial network edge infrastructure devices include industrial Ethernet, cellular, and wireless network gateways, switches, routers and access points used to connect end devices to the enterprise and upper layers of the architecture.

Cloud-based applications are defined as software-based applications and services that are delivered and accessed over the Internet rather than locally.  The cloud infrastructure is maintained by the cloud provider, not the individual cloud customer.

Please note that individual responses will be treated confidentially and only aggregated information will be published.

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Thank you in advance for participating!  If you have any questions concerning this survey, please contact:

Chantal Polsonetti, Vice President
ARC Advisory Group