Background to the survey

Potential Plus UK, the charity that works with children with high learning potential and their families, wants to strengthen and update its official online presence.

We want to:

* improve how we communicate and engage with our different audiences clearly and effectively;

* improve support for our members and to benefit all our stakeholder groups.

* provide a consistently higher quality and more compelling service than our main competitors that generates maximum benefit for minimum cost.

Our existing website is now out of date. We do not yet have
a social media strategy nor do we use social media in a coordinated and consistent fashion.

We have therefore decided to:

a. develop a new self-hosted children’s website using;

b. develop and trial a parallel website for members and other stakeholders. Initially this will be hosted on, with a view to it becoming self-hosted in due course. We want this to be more responsive and interactive than our current website. It will feature a blog and news updates, serving as the hub of our wider social media activity while also hosting our library of reference material;

c. introduce and co-ordinate the optimal blend of online and social media activity, reaching out to a variety of different audiences in a way that is effective and manageable for Potential Plus UK;

d.replace our existing members’ forum and provide collaborative ‘bottom-up’ support for learners, parents/carers, professionals and schools. For example, we want our factsheets to stimulate online discussion and the sharing of related resources;

We will ensure that all of this is coordinated, so all elements of the site are mutually supportive and users can navigate easily between them.

We will monitor the service we provide, updating it as necessary to reflect new developments, but will resist the temptation to diversify without justification.

We will decide, in the light of the progress we make, whether to close the existing Potential Plus website, or to retain it to undertake any essential functions that cannot be accommodated elsewhere.

Work on the children’s website is proceeding separately and we will consult on this at a later date. The other three elements above form a parallel project and this consultation is focused on them.

We are committed to the broad strategy we have outlined above, but want to take full account of your views on our plans.

You can respond to this consultation by:

* answering this questionnaire; and/or

* submitting additional comments, ideas and suggestions to us via the public comments facility on the test website or privately, by email, to:

In order to respond, you will need to visit our test website here:

so that you can see the structure we propose and read our draft success criteria. You will find this material under ‘Blog’ in the main menu.

The Survey is confidential, but we will publish a summary report alongside our response. All responses must be submitted by Friday 18 April.

Thank you for taking part!