I wish to carry out a study on the representations of female celebrities and the impact it has on young adults. During the course of this study I would like to discover whether or not it is highly common in society today for individuals to become influenced by the portrayal of celebrities through mass media.

By completing the following survey you are consenting to take part in the study. The data you provide will be published, though it is assured that any information that is provided will be kept private and confidential and will not be handed to a third party.

Should you wish to withdrawal yourself from the study at a later time, please keep a note of the date & time of your submission as it will be required to do so.
For any withdrawal enquiries please contact me on: 100116038@unimail.derby.ac.uk

*Please note deadline for withdrawals is Sunday 24th February 2013.

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1. Please specify your Age, Gender & Religion.

2. Please answer the following...

3. How would you define the term Celebrity

4. On a scale of 1 to 5 how often do you watch celebrity based TV programmes? (e.g. Xfactor, Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Keeping up with Kardashians, The Only Way Is Essex, Music Videos and so on)

5. Do you think that female celebrities are represented in a positive way?

6. Do you find female celebrities interesting or attractive?

7. Do you think media representation of female celebrities affect people of your age group?

8. Do you feel that media representation of female celebrities affects you?

9. Do you feel that media representations of female celebrities affect men & women differently? (i.e. career aspirations, self esteem, desires or choices in a partner - men or women?)