* 1. Address

* 2. How much time do you have available to work on your Amazon Business?

* 3. What are your current average monthly sales on Amazon?

* 4. Do you work a job in addition to selling on Amazon?

* 5. Coaching Options:(Pick the options you want coaching on below)

  YES - I Want Coaching on This NO - I Don't Want Coaching on This
Aribrage (Online and Retail/In Store)
Private Label
Bundling and Creating Bundles
Learning the basics/Setting up for selling on Amazon (How to ship, use Prep companies etc) 

* 6. How much capital do you have available to invest into your Amazon business, EXCLUDING coaching costs?  A minimum of $3,500 available to invest into inventory is required to qualify for our coaching. This is in addition to Coaching costs which start at $1,800.

* 7. Tell me what you're looking to accomplish by working with a coach.  What are your specific goals and challenges?  Are there areas you'd specifically like us to focus on?