What is the study about?

Many sports people have claimed that the period of time just before a sporting encounter starts can be very important in determining the result of the competition. This is because it is a time when we may seek to “size up” our opponents and form impressions of how ready and capable they are. The impressions that we form may then influence how we feel about the competition and our performance in that competition. The current experiment will examine how we form impressions of our opponents in these situations.

What will you do in the project?

For this experiment, you will see the world from a judo player's eyes (no judo experience is necessary for this, you just need to imagine that you are about to compete in a judo bout). You will view video clips of the pre-bout scene (judges, opponents) and will see another judo player preparing to compete against YOU. Your task will be to provide your impressions of the judo players that you see. During the study, you will be asked to answer some questions about yourself and to complete a short mental agility test which is designed to examine your ability to take in and process information (key factors that may influence the impressions that we form of other people). The testing should take no longer than 10 minutes.