1. Introduction

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Thank you for your willingness to fill out our member questionnaire. As part of our effort to transform the Slovak Studies Association into an organization that plays a useful role in your everyday efforts in scholarship and teaching, we would like to assemble information that might be of interest to other scholars who might be interested in contacting you or following your scholarly efforts from afar. The next forty-odd questions will help us transform the website and the organization. You have complete control over which information is shared with other Slovak Studies Association members, which is made available to anybody visiting this website and which is kept strictly private, held only for the association's administrative purposes and never shared with anybody without your permission. For that reason, we need you to fill out all questions marked with an asterisk (and the survey will not advance until you have filled those out). The bar above will tell you how close you are to the end of the survey.

First, we need to collect some basic demographic information.

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