1. Welcome

My name is Hayley, and I'm a 44 year old MA Women's Studies student. I am currently involved in my dissertation year and am doing research into feminists who use pornography.

I have an interest in womens sexuality and sexual expression. I also have had an interest some time around the notions of sexuality and womens bodies as sites of oppression and/or liberation.

I am looking for feminist respondents to complete this questionnaire as part of my MA dissertation. I would ask that everyone completes the ethics form. This dissertation will be viewed by my MA markers at Ruskin, and may at some time be published. In order to preserve people's identities, I request that you use a pseudonym.

After the survey, there will be a facebook group you can join to talk to other people who have completed the questionnaire and offer any feedback about it.

If there are questions you would prefer not to answer that's fine. If you want to explain why you object to them, that's fine too. The questions are also there as a prompt, or guideline. Please feel free to say as much or as little as you want.

If you experience any issues at all with the funtioning of the website, please let me know at 07newiha@ruskin.ac.uk

thanks in advance for your help.


1. Consent Form for questionnaire as part of MA Dissertation, Women's Studies Ruskin College Oxford

As part of her research into Feminist Pornography Users, the researcher, Hayley Newill, has, under the Ruskin Code of Research Ethics, the responsibility to safeguard my proper interests and respect my rights as detailed below:


1. Any information provided by myself will be stored securely and password protected. Only the researcher will have the password to any files,websites and email addresses submitted.

2. Any written material will be destroyed after a period of 3 years of the study ending.

3. At all times my privacy will be respected. My identity will not be disclosed to anyone or in any other project that may result from this research, unless agreed in advance. Any identifying information will be anonymised as far as possible.

4. I have the right to have sight of any of my own written information at any stage of the research process, including a written transcript of the final project, upon request. Any such request will be made directly to the researcher.

I have the right to refuse to answer any questions which are asked.

I have the right to withdraw my consent at any time during the research project.


1. I am aware that the purpose of this project is to look at the processes involved in feminists who use pornography.

2. I am aware that other people may read this project and that some or all of this project may be published.

3. The questionnaire is available online or via email.

I agree to participate in this questionnaire as part of Hayley Newill's research into why and how feminists use pornography.

Please indicate the above is acceptable by writing a sentence agreeing and 'signing' using your chosen user name.