LAE Nadzab-Tomodachi International Flight Survey

LAE International Flight Consumer Survey

NADZAB-Tomodachi is now a world-class International Airport, yet to date we have no international flights inward or outbound.

Understanding that this is not a 'flick-the-switch' solution, LCCI Members have asked for a Survey which will quantify, by sample, the potential number of people who would use an International Service DIRECT to/from (or through POM-LAE- destination and vice-versa), at what frequency and whether Air Cargo import or export would justify this business case.

We know Air Niugini would like to make use of this International Facility for International flights and hope this survey would provide some quantifiable data to substantiate this (or otherwise).

NOTE - we have chosen FIVE points of Destination and Departure, understanding there are always other requests but it is felt that these would be the five main points of destination & departure to/from LAE.
Please answer honestly and with real numbers.

1.Do you support the need for DIRECT International Flights in & out of Nadzab?
2.Assuming that initialy DIRECT flights are unavailable, would you be satisfied with LAE -POM - Destination or POM-LAE- Destination (subject to Airline slots etc)? This effectively means you would book your baggage all the way to final destination and remain on the plane (or offload for a short period) before the original flight continued to final destination (without re-checking in)
3.Where would you fly in from or out to ?
4.How regularly would you, your family or staff use this service?
5.Would you be satisfied if initially DIRECT flights were available only as
6.How many family members would travel out
7.If you have FIFO staff - How many would use this service?
8.If you bring in Air Cargo, is it more effective for you to fly it INWARDS direct to LAE
9.If you bring in Air Cargo, where would the point of depature be from?
10.How much cargo would you bring in monthly?
11.Would you use Air Cargo if direct flights are available for EXPORT
12.If you would use Air Cargo to EXPORT - where would your destination be?
13.How much cargo would EXPORT by Air monthly?
14.Are you preparedto pre-pay flights (Assuming you have regular traveling family or staff)?
15.Do you have any further comments