* 1. Please tell us your name, your preferred pronoun, and how we can get in touch with you.

* 2. Are you coming with any other people who are not going to register? If so, how many?

* 3. Which days do you intend to come? (Please choose all the apply)

* 4. Are you bringing any children with you? If so, how many?

* 5. Do you have any dietary needs/ food allergies? Please let us know about serious allergies! (We will have kitchen space available for people who have dietary needs in which they need to cook for themselves)

* 6. Do you have any medical needs that need to be accommodated or we should know about? For example, medication that needs to be kept cold, someone on site who knows how to deal with anaphylactic shock, you are very allergic to bees etc.

* 7. Do you have any mobility needs we can accommodate?

* 8. Are there any other needs you have that haven't already been covered?

* 9. Will sleeping outside work for you at the end of October, or will you need indoor space?

* 10. If you'd like to volunteer some of your time to help camp run smoothly, thanks! Please tell us what you'd like to help with! (Check all that apply)

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