West Yorkshire Oral Health Needs Assessment Feedback

For most of us, keeping healthy teeth means two things, regular brushing and visiting our NHS Dentist. But there are a range of other issues that relate to oral hygiene, from education and prevention to how we use emergency dentists.

Having good oral health helps you stay healthy generally. Problems with our mouth can result in pain, infection, tooth loss, time off school and work and even affect the way we feel about ourselves and stop us enjoying activities with our friends and family.

Regular dentist visits can do more than keep your smile attractive – they can tell dentists a lot about your overall health, including whether or not you may be developing a disease like mouth cancer or diabetes.

On top of this there are community programmes ranging from children brushing their teeth at schools and nurseries, to health visitors, staff in children's centres and residential homes knowing how to help us look after our children's and family member’s mouths.

The Yorkshire and The Humber Public Health England Centre Dental Public Health Team have completed a piece of work which looks at what the key issues and challenges in improving oral health are. They are keen to understand whether you think it’s correct and if not what’s missing.

This is a really good opportunity to tell the people who are responsible for NHS dental services and community programmes what things are really like, and to help change them for the better.

You can do 2 things with this survey. We'd really like it if you could take the time to read the Needs Assessment, and tell the authors if they are right in what they have found.

Or, if time is short, you can just use the survey to tell your story, and give us your experiences of looking after your teeth and your mouth.

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* Which area do you live in?

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* Q1. Firstly a simple one. What experience have you had of dentists, emergency dental care, hospital dentists or community programmes delivered in the area where you live in the last 3 years? You can tick as many of the boxes here as you want, and add comments at the end if there is something else.

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* Q2. Secondly, what could be done better? What would you like to see in the future? We’ve included some examples of the things other people have said they would like to see, but you can include you own ideas.

“I’d like to see more local NHS Dentists accepting NHS patients and know where I can find accurate information on which NHS dentists are accepting NHS patients”

“I’d like the flexibility of going to the dentist when I need to instead of regular check-ups that I’m not sure I need.”

“I want to be able to drop in to my local dentist, without being registered”

“I want to see more transparency about what a dentist might charge me”

“I want to see more focus on the impact that sugary drinks are having on my childrens teeth”

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* Q3. Moving onto the needs assessment document. Have you read it? Do you agree with the key issues that they describe for each of the services? If you are not sure, just leave it blank.

  Yes No
High Street NHS dental practices
Community dental services that provide care to vulnerable children and adults , including older people in residential homes.
Hospital dental services where people can have mouth surgery or children have their teeth straightened
Dental Public Health Services which includes community programmes eg tooth brushing in schools and nurseries, training of health and social care professionals, including those who teach or work with children

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* Q 3a. Is there something you disagree with in the Needs Assessment? If so please tell us why:

If you have no opinion, just leave it blank.

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* Q4. Was the information in the Oral Health Needs Assessment (OHNA) easy to understand? You can leave it blank if you want to.

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* Q5. Please provide any additional comments regarding your views on the information described in the OHNA

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* Q6. Do you think the oral health needs of people in West Yorkshire have been accurately described in the document?

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* Q7. Is there anything that has been missed in the OHNA?