Welcome to My Survey

Thank you for your interest in "Portraits of People We Love." Please complete the following to submit a portrait to be shown in the exhibition at MICA PLACE October 20 - November 18. Portraits will be selected as long as their is space in the gallery. The curator will do her best to include as many portraits as possible, but reserves the right to reject any photos or artwork that are libelous, exploitative, hateful, or do not meet installation requirements.

* 1. Address

* 2. Please describe the photo/artwork you wish to include (media, who is it of, etc.).

* 3. What are the dimensions of your portrait? Please include height, length, width in inches in the boxes below.

* 4. Is the work ready to hang? For example: Is it in a frame, have a cleat, hook, or other mechanism...

* 5. Portraits will need to be dropped at MICA PLACE the week of October 16th at a time to be determined. Will you or a representative be able to drop portraits?

* 6. If you answered no above, what could we do to help you get the portrait to the exhibition?

* 7. I understand that portraits included will be hung salon style by the curator as part of a community installation representing as many people that we love as can fit in the space.

Almost done! Please e-mail a photo of your portrait to: portraitsofpeoplewelove@gmail.com put "Portrait" in the subject line and be sure it is sent from the e-mail address provided above.