Teachers may experience different challenges when using media and technology in the context of K-12 teaching and learning. One important challenge is the use of clips from movies and TV shows.

As part of the DMCA 1201 renewal process, we seek more information about your experiences using copyrighted materials in the classroom.

We are seeking an exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for K-12 teachers and students. An exemption would allow teachers to edit together and compile DVDs and other media to create high-quality visual resources for classroom use.

We need information about the challenges you have faced when using clips from movies and TV shows in the classroom -- and about your students' experience in using these materials, too.

Please help us by filling out the attached survey.

* 1. What forms of film, video, music or digital media do you use in the classroom?

* 2. What forms of media would you like to use in your classroom and for classroom preparation?

* 3. How often do you use media in the classroom?

* 4. Do your students get to create videos as part of your course assignments?

* 5. How often do students request to use copyrighted materials in creating their own projects?

* 6. Why do you or your students use digital media for teaching and learning?

* 7. Are there any ways in which you could utilize copyrighted movies or TV shows but have not? How and why?

* 8. What kind of technology do you have at your disposal at your school?

* 9. How do copyright laws regarding the use of digital media affect your work in the classroom?

* 10. Does your school or district educate its teachers about how to avoid legal issues concerning media (e.g., copyright infringement)?

* 11. On average, how much time is spent in the classroom preparing and setting up media for use and what is the biggest contributor toward this setup time? (e.g., 15 minutes to find the exact portion of a movie you would like to show in VHS format)

* 12. Which of the following techniques have you used?

* 13. Have you experienced any of the problems below?

* 15. If you responded "yes" to Question #14, what problems have you noticed with respect to student reception to media?

* 16. How important is the inclusion of film, video or media clips in your lesson plan?

* 17. If you would like to include an example of any relevant classroom experiences you've had with using portions of digital media, please do so below (e.g., the time it takes to switch DVDs, poor student reception to low quality reproductions, etc.)

* 18. Would you be willing to be contacted for further questions to aid in our fact finding?

* 19. What email should we use to contact you?

* 20. What subject(s) do you teach?

* 21. What grade(s) do you teach?

* 22. Where do you teach (city, state)?

* 23. How many years have you worked as a teacher?

* 24. How do you characterize your school?