The Parramatta Eels has processes in place to ensure that members experiencing financial hardship are treated fairly.

Members are the lifeblood of our club and we believe that financial hardship entitles Members to special consideration and flexibility when it comes to financial commitments they have made to the club.

The Parramatta Eels are committed to work with you where possible to help you respond to financial difficulty, whether temporary or long-term. We are committed to helping members facing financial hardship maintain their relationship with our club and, where possible, their Membership entitlements.

This special consideration and flexibility will depend on your individual circumstances, and we provide this on a case-by-case basis.

What is hardship?

Hardship is essentially a circumstance where you are willing to meet your payment obligations, but your circumstances prevent you from doing so. Financial hardship can be short-term and temporary, but sometimes it can last much longer. Usually, it is the result of a change in income, employment, living arrangements, or an unexpected expense.

You might experience hardship because of factors like:

· unemployment/partial or full loss of employment;

· death in the family;

· acute/chronic illness of you or a family member;

· family breakdown/family violence; and

· unexpected major natural disaster eg: major flood, drought, fire etc.

We use this definition to make our assessment as to whether you are eligible, but we endeavour to apply it broadly to help Members in a variety of difficult circumstances.

Application process

If you are struggling financially or experiencing some form of hardship or unforeseen circumstances, we ask that you contact us to discuss your situation and see whether you are eligible for special consideration and flexibility.

To apply for hardship, please complete the form below. Once we receive your request, we will be in contact with you within seven to ten (7-10) business days to discuss the options available to you. Please ensure that the contact details provided below are correct. 

We may need to request some information from you to assess your eligibility, but we will act reasonably, and we will always treat your request confidentially and fairness.

Question Title

* 1. First Name

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* 2. Last Name

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* 3. Email Address

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* 4. Contact Number

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* 5. Membership Number / ID

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* 6. Membership Type / Category

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* 7. Do you hold multiple Memberships in your order? If yes, how many and provide further details.

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* 8. Date of original Membership purchase

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* 9. Payment Method (Credit Card/Money Order/Cheque)

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* 10. Full name of Membership purchaser

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* 11. What is your specific hardship request? Please provide as much detail as possible.

Club Entity and Contact Details  
Parramatta Eels National Rugby League Club Limited  
Postal Address: PO BOX 317, Kellyville NSW 2155  
Phone: 1300 258 346  

Why are we (the Parramatta Eels) collecting this personal information? 
The Parramatta Eels acknowledge that the representations made in this Application have been made to enable the Parramatta Eels to determine whether or not to grant an alteration to the Member’s EEL4LIFE payment schedule on the grounds of financial hardship.  

What happens if the Parramatta Eels doesn’t collect this personal information?  
The Parramatta Eels will not be able to review a Member/s hardship application if ALL the Member/s personal information is not provided as requested in the Parramatta Eels Membership Hardship Application Form.  

How will this personal information be used/stored/deleted or shared?  
The Parramatta Eels Rugby League Club recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of all personal information collected from you.  

The Member/s personal information has been collected by the Parramatta Eels for the purposes of assessing the Member/s hardship application only. All information gathered within this process relates to this process only and cannot be used or shared with others for other purposes not associated with the Parramatta Eels.  

The Parramatta Eels will give the Member/s access to the Parramatta Eels contact details as well as access to the Parramatta Eels Privacy Policy, which is also found here.

This Privacy Policy sets out how the Parramatta Eels protects the privacy of the personal information we hold about our customers, potential customers, contractors and others in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.  

The Member/s can gain access to their personal information by contacting the Parramatta Eels if required.  

Will the Parramatta Eels disclose this personal information to any other entity?  
The Member/s personal information will not be disclosed to any other entity external to the Parramatta Eels.