* 1. Agree or Disagree: Get corporate money out of politics.
[The Constitution says that We the PEOPLE have the say in our democracy. Let's keep it that way.]

* 2. Agree or Disagree: No "Too Big to Fail."
[The banks should have to pay their debts; the people shouldn't be taking on all the risk while they get all the profits.]

* 3. Agree or Disagree: Make American companies responsible to American workers.
[If corporations are going to send all the jobs overseas, the government needs to provide benefits, or we need to incentivize the companies to bring their jobs back here. One way or the other, working Americans deserve the benefits that keep them working.]

* 4. Agree or Disagree: Keep the Federal government out of my personal life.
[Whatever the social issue, it's not the Federal government's job to decide what I do or what activities have meaning and value to me.]

* 5. Agree or Disagree: Get off a perpetual war footing.
[Since WWII, we have allowed our economy to depend on continual foreign wars. Let's find something else to draw us together and build our economy's strength.]