1. Your Experience With Alcoholic Spirits, Beers and Wines

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Patients have long reported that some, but not all, alcohols have bothered their bladders or prostates, triggering increased discomfort. With this survey, we hope to determine which types of alcoholic spirits, beers and wines are or are not irritating to the urinary tract with the hope of generating a list of more IC friendly alternatives. We thank you for your help!

* 1. Have you been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, painful bladder syndrome or prostatitis?

* 2. Have you ever experienced an increase in bladder symptoms when drinking alcoholic beverages?

* 3. If yes, what type of alcohol triggered your flares. Check all that apply

* 4. What symptoms does alcohol usually trigger for you?

* 5. How long does the flare happen when you do drink alcohol that bothers you?

* 6. How often do you drink alcohol now?

* 7. Do you avoid drinking alcohol for fear of irritating your bladder?