* 1. Would you consider buying a wedding dress that is not white? (i.e. black, purple, blush etc).

* 2. Do you think it is seen as "outrageous" if you or someone else does not where a white wedding dress?

* 3. Would you consider purchasing two different dress for your wedding day? One for the ceremony and one for the party?

* 4. Would you buy a wedding dress that is white, and relatively modest to keep with a more traditional view?

* 5. Trash the dress is a trend where brides will wear their wedding dress at some point after the wedding, and hold a photo shoot where they have fun and basically trash the dress (mud, dirt, etc.). Is this something that you would consider doing? Or would you rather preserve the dress?

* 6. Do you think that gay marriage affects the traditional wardrobes of a marriage in any way?