U.S. Soccer National Coaching School - 2013

* 1. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your individual survey will be used to improve coaching education.

* 2. Which State Association hosted the course you attended?

* 3. If you attended a course in California, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania or Texas, please select the State Association who hosted the course:

* 4. Please complete the following question:

* 5. How many hours did it take for you to complete the Preparation (pre), Instructional (face-to-face) and Deliberate (practice) phases? Consider all hours except for the final performance review (testing) phase.

* 6. Please indicate the primary age level you currently coach.

* 7. Please indicate the highest level of soccer you have played.

* 8. How many years have you coached soccer?

* 9. Do you primarily coach boys or girls?

* 10. When did you attend a U.S. Soccer "E" license course in relation to attending a "D" license course?

* 11. Does your league or club require that you have a "D" license?

* 12. Please provide your impression of the following aspects of the registration process:

  Excellent Good Average Below Average Unacceptable Not Applicable
Registration was done via the web. The process was easy to follow
Communication prior to the course from the State Soccer Association was clear and consistent
My questions were answered in a timely fashion with helpful information
Pre-course work was thoroughly explained
I was directed to U.S. Soccer's coaches website (ussoccer.com) upon registering

* 13. Please rate the new license changes:

  Excellent - Welcome Changes Good Average Not Necessary - Like the Old Model
Preparation and Deliberate Practice Phases

* 14. Were the field sessions held outside on a regular size field or inside a gym?

* 15. Please provide your impression of the following aspects of the course:

  Strongly Agree Agree Nuetral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The information provided will make me a better coach
The instructor field sessions provided a good structure for me to follow
The classroom lectures provided open and challenging discussions
I was provided individual feedback after my field practical coaching session

* 16. Please provide your impression of the following aspect of the course:

  Too Advanced for Me Challenging but Manageable Just Right Challenging but Wanted More Too Basic; Not Challenging
How would you rate the overall course?

* 17. Please provide an evaluation of your instructor(s):

  Excellent Good Average Below Average Unacceptable
Overall effectiveness
Field sessions
Presentation style; stimulated and challenged your coaching methods
Communication style; was approachable and available
Facilitated a positive and professional learning environment