1. Disclaimer/Consent Form

If you are 18 years or older, you are invited to participate in a research study under the direction of Dr. Cynthia Deitch of the Department of Women’s Studies, George Washington University (GWU). Taking part in this research is entirely voluntary.

The purpose of this study is to discover ways people try to combat harassment in public places (like on the street, on public transportation, in stores, at parks) in lieu of adequate legal options to stop it. The project will particularly focus on how and why people use the Internet to discuss their experiences with harassment in public and if the Internet is an effective means for combating the harassment.

You are being asked to take part in this study because of your interest in discussing the topic of street harassment or harassment in the public and are familiar with anti-harassment Web sites.

The research will be conducted at the following location(s): the online survey will be taken by individuals around the United States, though most will be from the Washington, D.C. and New York City metro areas as those areas will be heavily targeted.

A total of 300-500 participants will be asked to take part in this study, 95% of whom will also be taking an online survey.

If you choose to take part in this study, you will answer 9 questions about your experiences with street harassment. The total amount of time you will spend in connection with this study is approximately 5 minutes.

There are no physical risks associated with this study. Neither the survey provider (Survey Monkey) nor the survey itself asks for any personal information. There is, however, the possible risk of loss of confidentiality. Every effort will be made to keep your information confidential, however, this cannot be guaranteed. Some of the questions we will ask you as part of this study may make you feel uncomfortable. You may refuse to answer any of the questions and you may take a break at any time during the study. You may stop your participation in this study at any time

You will not benefit directly from your participation in the study. The benefits to science and humankind that might result from this study are: new insight into the phenomena of street harassment, possible ways to prevent it and the role the Internet can play in reducing street harassment.

You will not be paid for taking part in this study.
The investigator can decide to withdraw you from the study at any time. You could be taken off the study for reasons related solely to you (for example, not following study-related directions from the Investigator) or because the entire study is stopped.

If results of this research study are reported in journals or at scientific meetings, the people who participated in this study will not be named or identified. GW will not release any information about your research involvement without your written permission, unless required by law.

The Office of Human Research of George Washington University, at telephone number (202) 994-2715, can provide further information about your rights as a research participant. If you think you have been harmed in this study, please report this to the Principal Investigator of this study or call the Office of Human Research immediately. Further information regarding this study may be obtained by contacting primary researcher Holly Kearl at e-mail address hollykearl@yahoo.com.

To ensure anonymity, your signature is not required. Your willingness to participate in this research study is implied if you proceed with completing the survey/interview.

*Please keep a copy of this document in case you want to read it again.