Access to Research is a two year pilot of a new service for UK public library users.

The initiative provides access to academic articles and journals from public library terminals, spanning content from art, history and politics to mathematics, physics and the sciences. Over 4million articles are currently included.

The service is currently being trialled in a 2 year pilot, starting February 2014, so the Access to Research team are keen to get feedback from users in order to inform the pilot development.

Please complete the below form after having used Access to Research at your local library.

The survey should take 5-10mins.

* 1. Please tick any statements that you agree with about the Access to Research website (

* 2. In one sentence, please give your reaction to Access to Research.

* 3. Please note any problems you encountered:

* 4. Do you have any comments or further feedback?

* 5. We are looking for case studies about Access to Research. Would you like us to contact you to find out more about your experience?

* 6. We are collecting demographic information for the pilot. Please tell us your age:

* 7. Which public library did you use Access to Research at?

* 8. What reason are you using Access to Research for?

* 9. How many times have you used the service?

* 10. Lastly, what is your occupation?