The Allston Brighton Community Planning Initiative is conducting a neighborhood survey to gain a better understanding of what impact Harvard University’s property acquisitions, leasing practices, and development plans are having or are likely to have on residents of North Allston and North Brighton. The university has acquired numerous commercial properties in North Allston and North Brighton during the past several years. It will use some of these properties for a major expansion of its campus (primarily to the east of Barry’s Corner), but has not announced plans for reuse of a substantial number of other acquired properties. Some of these properties are now vacant.

Providing your name, address, and telephone number is optional. However, this information will be useful if we want to contact you with follow-up questions. The information you provide will be kept completely confidential.

1. Name (optional)

2. Address and telephone number (optional)

4. What do you consider the most notable changes, both positive and negative, that have occurred in North Allston and North Brighton during the past five years or since you moved here?

8. Please explain your response.

10. Please explain your response. In particular, if you feel Harvard’s property acquisitions and property management practices have played a role in quality-of-life changes, describe how.

14. More specifically what impact do you think the university’s property acquisitions and property management practices have had on the availability of the following goods and services in North Allston and North Brighton?

  Increased a lot Increased a little No impact Reduced a little Reduced a lot Not sure
Health and personal care products
Restaurants and carry out meals
Hardware, home improvement and garden products
Automotive products and services
Professional services (e.g., medical, legal, accounting)
Personal services (e.g., dry cleaning, hair care)
17% of survey complete.