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* 1. What Type of vehicle do you drive most often?

* 2. How many miles driving do you average each year in this vehicle?

* 3. When was the last time that you had this vehicle serviced?

* 4. Where was the vehicle serviced?

* 5. How old is this vehicle?

* 6. Please rate the following factors in your most recent service experience.

  not important a little important important very important N/A
Offered the service I needed
Courteous/polite treatment
Knowledgeable staff

* 7. Please rate the following factors in your selection of a vehicle service provider.

  Not important Kind of important Important Very important
Recommendation from friend or family
Cleanliness of facility
Knowledgeable staff
Size of shop
Courteous/respectful treatment
Mechanic certifications
Proffesional memberships

* 8. Generally speaking, how much do each of the following influence where you purchase automotive service?

  Not at all A little Some Very much Extremely
Personal recommendation
TV advertising
Radio Advertising
National brand
Social media (like Facebook & Twitter)

* 9. How do you like to be reminded that your vehicle is due for service and in what order?

  1 2 3 4 5
Text\Phone call
I don't, I handle that myself

* 10. The following is a list of various products and services. For which of the following are you the primary decision-maker about what to pay for in your household? (Please select all that apply.)