Please Participate!

In preparation to open Trinity’s doors for Sunday services, the Reopening Trinity Committee is making decisions about guidelines for keeping everyone safe and healthy. We ask for your participation in this brief survey to help with the planning.

In a recent Trinity Next Week email, Rev. Jeannie provided a comprehensive picture of what can be initially expected upon return for in-person services.  As you can see, Trinity will have a “new normal.” 
For your safety

o   Masks will be required.
o   Temperatures will be taken before entering the sanctuary.
o   Everyone will be asked to stay socially distant in the parking lot, while entering the church, inside the church (including the Peace), and when exiting.
o   Hand sanitizer will be readily available.
o   For safety and sanitation reasons, the only restroom available will be the one in the Bride's Room.
o   Sanitizing supplies will be available in the restroom.  Guidelines will be posted for sanitizing the area before and after use.
o   Between services, all surfaces will be sanitized and chemically fogged for removal of the virus.


o   The pews will be moved to the Parish Hall and replaced by chairs which will be spaced six feet apart.
o   Couples will be asked to sit in chairs socially distanced from each other (6’ apart) in order to maintain appropriate spacing for the entire group.
o   Family groups may sit together in the choir pews, the chapel area, and the acolyte pews (limited to three families).
o   Seating will be limited by state guidelines to 25% of our legal capacity. As our nave's capacity is 250, we are limited to approximately 62 people per service, including the approximately 10 who will be involved in the leading and managing of the service itself.
o   Due to attendance limitations, advanced reservations will be required.  Before we reopen, we will make sure everyone knows how to go about making a reservation should they so choose.
o   Ushers will guide you for seating from the front row of chairs to the back and will be dismissing everyone at the end of the service in the reverse order to maintain social distancing.

The Service

o   There will be instrumental music only during worship and no live singing either by the congregation or by our choir and section leaders.
o   Service details will be projected onto the front wall between the altar and the chapel.
o   Weather permitting, all doors will remain open for increased ventilation.
o   Communion will be a Spiritual Eucharist.
o   We will not have a live coffee hour.

 If you are not comfortable with these guidelines, you will still be able to celebrate the Spiritual Eucharist via Zoom. From this day forward, it will always be available.

With these considerations, please answer the following:

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* 1. How likely are you to return to Trinity Sunday services while these guidelines are in place?

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* 2. Do you have any additional questions?

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* 3. Is there anything else you would like us to know?

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