We love case studies and are especially interested in the following topics: 

Resiliency: Response to natural disasters from a solid waste/recycling perspective (construction and demolition materials), cities and counties building sustainability/resiliency plans, what has worked, what concerns are present in or applicable to NM, Resiliency in the face of National Sword, Recycling markets updates and development

Innovation/Collaboration: Fostering Collaborations, Entrepreneurial solutions, Creative solutions from collections or site management, Circular economy models, Building relationships to foster local economies, Organics Solutions, Illegal Dumping Abatement

Solid Waste Management Best Practices:  Landfill Gas Emissions Issues, Title V, Safety Programming and Updates, Safety Success Case Studies, EPA Regulation updates

Recycling Best Practices:   What can I do today?  Recycling market development, Life Cycle analysis, Incentivized rate structuring, New trends in reduce/reuse, e.g. single use plastic bans, etc.

Education and Outreach:  Grassroots, Community activist programs, Consumer education best practices, Recycle right, Contamination reduction strategies

Economics of Solid Waste and Recycling: Industry? Haulers?  Funding opportunities, Commercial/Business program development

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