Peer Review

Through the Consensual Assessment Technique (CAT), please indicate the level of each term as expressed in the creative work

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* 2. Evaluate the following statements.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Disagree Nor Agree Agree Strongly Agree
This creative work demonstrates creativity
This creative workt makes use of design theory.
This creative work reflects systematic and coherent design process.
This creative workt respects human dignity and the environment.
This creative work is considered ethical in terms of aesthetic and function.
This creative work is noteworthy in terms of improving design literacy among users.
 This creative work is considered relevant in terms of social benefit.
 This creative work makes use of current advancement in technology.
 This creative work is considered inspiring.
This creative workt is considered ‘leading’ when compared with similar works within concerning profession (Architecture/Interior Architecture & Design/ Product Design).

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* 3. In your professional opinion, please indicate area of improvement for this creative work

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* 5. Please provide your information