THE DEFENDER- On the front lines.

To those concerned with free expression in the dramatic arts,

The Dramatists Legal Defense Fund believes that the advancement of our society relies on the unfettered expression of our words. In that spirit, we are creating The Defender, a database of dramatic works that have been challenged or censored in the United States. This new initiative is intended to serve many purposes. First, it will help to educate everyone about the subjective and transient standards that have been employed by censors. The Defender will also serve to highlight the shows that have overcome such challenges to persevere in the face of adversity. In addition, it will be a useful tool for research on the issue of free expression in America.  Finally, it will cast a spotlight on the self-appointed moral watchdogs in our midst, and catalogue the common excuses they use to justify their oppressive activities.  If you know of a dramatic work (play or musical) that has been  challenged (either successfully or unsuccessfully), we want to know about it. Please reply to the following questions and help us to shed a light on this critical issue affecting us all. 

Because words matter.

Thank you,

The Dramatists Legal Defense Fund