This is the information we will use to contact you throughout the application process.

* 1. What is your first name?

* 2. What is your last name?

* 3. Whitman ID #

* 4. Year in school?

* 5. Campus Address (Hall & Room #)

* 6. Please list the names of the RD(s) who has/have directed the hall(s) you have lived in.

* 7. Who was your SA during your FY fall semester?

* 8. What is your home address?

* 9. Contact phone number

* 10. Please provide your Whitman email contact

* 11. What is your GPA?

* 12. How many credits do you intend to take in the fall 2013 semester?

* 13. Please list the names of two people who will serve as references. At least one of your references should be a Whitman faculty member. The other might be a former employer, a coach, or someone from the community who can speak to your qualifications as a Student Academic Adviser. Please select your references carefully based on their ability to provide objective, professional recommendations. Please note if you are a varsity athlete, debater, or participate extensively in music or theatre productions, it is in your best interest to have your coach, advisor, or director provide a letter of recommendation on your behalf.

You can download the recommendation form @

Reference #1

* 14. What is the context from which this reference will be writing on your behalf?

* 15. Reference #2

* 16. What is the context from which this reference will be writing on your behalf?

* 17. The Student Academic Adviser is a unique position that requires a perfect blend of skills, character, and personality. Why should we consider you?

In 100 words or fewer, tell us why you want to be a Student Academic Adviser and why you are uniquely qualified to do so.

* 18. What do you think you will learn about yourself in a position such as this?

* 19. Please initial in the place spaces provided and sign below to indicate that you understand the application/selection process and the job/training requirements and commitments.

Understanding the Application & Selection Process

  Yes No
I understand that my application and letters of recommendation will be scanned and stored online for the duration of the selection process.
I understand that materials will be maintained on a secure site, which will provide access to selection team members only.
I will print and either email or hand deliver a copy of my academic evaluation and understand that it will be included in my application materials and subject to review by selection team members.

* 20. Understanding of Job Requirements and Training Commitments

  Yes No
I have read the information sheet about the role and responsibilities of a Student Academic Adviser.
I will be available for all of the spring training sessions (3/28, 4/11, and 4/28).
I will be available for SA picture taking day (5/8 - Reading Day)
I will be able to return to campus on Wednesday, August 21 for the required SA Training & Opening Week responsibilities.
I will be able to attend weekly Thursday staff meetings (4-5:30pm) during the Fall 2013 semester.