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* We the undersigned call on the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, The Rt Hon Iain Duncan-Smith MP to stop the cut to Disability Living Allowance Mobility Component for people living in residential care – including children attending residential schools.

DLA Mobility Component helps to meet the higher costs of accessible public transport (where available), or makes you eligible for an adapted vehicle through the Motability scheme.

Without DLA Mobility Component thousands of adults of all ages with severe disabilities who are supported by the state to live in residential care will be unable to retain voluntary employment or simply to visit family and friends. Many families with children attending residential schools will not be able to fund their own adapted vehicle, and as residential schools only provide transport for the start and end of term, with no extra provision for weekends or holidays, disabled children may end up stuck as a prisoners in their own home during school holidays, unable to take part in leisure activities, or even attend essential hospital appointments.

The decision to cut this vital benefit for children in residential schools and adults in residential care will deny thousands of disabled people the chance to live full and independent lives.

We urge the government to reverse this proposal as a matter of urgency.

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* If you receive DLA Mobility Component, tell us why this is important to you: