This is a survey distributed by Doc Lounge. The aim of this survey is to get to know the Doc Lounge audience - you - better and further on to be able to improve your experience with Doc Lounge. THANK YOU for giving away 10 minutes of your day by answering these 26 questions. Answer the survey in English or Swedish. Hey ho lets go! 

Begin with the basics. Who are you? 

1. Name: (optional)

2. Age:

3. Gender:

4. City:

5. City area or zip code:

7. Your highest level of education:

Be honest now, are you a first-timer maybe?

8. How many times have you been at a Doc Lounge event?

10. Where do you find information about an upcoming Doc Lounge event? (Give all alternatives a number from 1 to 11 - 1 is where you most likely find the information. The numbers can only be used once.)

The main and also the longest part (sorry)... Rock it!

11. What is your overall opinion about Doc Lounge?

12. Describe Doc Lounge in 3 words:

13. Describe the typical Doc Lounge visitor in 3 words:

14. What of the following have you done after attending a Doc Lounge event? (Pick all alternatives that matches you.)

15. How important are the following at a Doc Lounge event for you?

  I don't know Not important Important Very important Extremely important
There is live music
There is a DJ
There is a guest with specific knowledge talking on stage
The film director is there for a Q&A
There is a conference person leading the event 
The event has a professional feel
There is gender equality in guests (on stage, DJ, live music)
There is a bar
There is food
There is a theme that ties together the whole evening
The venue is an alternative venue (a cafe, a bar)
I can watch the film together with friends

16. And more specifically regarding the films screened at Doc Lounge, how important are the following for you?

  I don't know Not important Important Very important Extremely important
I have information about the films before the events
The films are not screened or available anywhere else but on Doc Lounge
The films presents stories from all over the world
The themes of the films are varying
There is gender equality in the directors of the films

17. Would you attend a Doc Lounge event without knowing before what film is screened?

18. Has Doc Lounge increased your interest in watching documentary film?

19. Where do you watch documentary film, apart from at Doc Lounge?

Only a few questions left now. We love you!

20. In your opinion, how well does the words below describe Doc Lounge?

  I don't know Not at all A little bit Well Very well
Change maker

21. If you could change one thing at Doc Lounge, what would it be?

22. If you could remove one thing from Doc Lounge, what would it be?

23. If you could add one thing to Doc Lounge, what would it be?

24. Would you visit Doc Lounge again?

25. Would you recommend Doc Lounge to others?

You made it! Now, some space where you can be completely honest...

26. Any last comment?

Lots of love from Doc Lounge.