3MT® Emory Laney Graduate School - 2017

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic competition developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia for research students.

The Laney Graduate School 3MT® Competition will have two parts: Presentation and Abstract. The competition will serve as a skills development program that challenges students to explain their research project either through verbal or written communication to an intelligent but non-specialist audience.
The deadline to sign up is March 15, 2017

The final round competition and awards ceremony will be held on April 5, 2017.

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* 5. How many years have you been in your program?

* 6. What is your academic program?

* 7. Have you entered candidacy?

* 8. Please tell us when you entered candidacy.

* 9. Please select which competition you are interested in participating in. You may select more than one.