As the holiday season approaches, I'm going to be compiling a list of published children's book illustrators who have active (will have items for sale in November) Etsy shops. I have an Etsy shop, for example, but it's currently inactive. Hoping to get some items in my shop by November but if I don't, I won't be including it in the list.

I'm also limiting the list to those with published work because I'm short on extra time these days and can only spend so much time putting together this post -- thanks for understanding. If anyone wants to put together a more comprehensive list on their own, please feel free to forward me the link to the list and I'll post it here.

Deadline for responses: November 1st.

Purpose of these surveys: to help children's/YA book writers and illustrators in their craft and business. Results will be posted in You can also see other current and past surveys in the Inkygirl Survey Archives.

Thanks! - Debbie Ridpath Ohi

* Name:

* Your Twitter id (if you have one):

* Your e-mail address (in case I have questions, will NOT be posted publicly or added to any mailing list):

* Do your illustrations appear in at least one commercially published book for young people?

* Name of your Etsy shop:

* URL of your Etsy shop:

* What is the URL of your website, where people can see more samples of your work?

* Other comments: