Beer & book shop survey

My dream is to open a book pub, but as a stepping stone I want to see how much intererest there is in a shop in SE London that sells books, craft beer, real cider and unusual spirits from all over the UK.

* 1. Where to you mostly buy books?

* 2. Where do you normally buy beer, cider or spirits?

* 3. Would you visit a beer / book shop that was...

* 4. What postal district are you in? (eg SE13, SE12)

* 5. What kind of books do you buy?

* 6. What genre of books do you buy?

* 7. Tell me anything you'd like to see in a book & beer shop:

* 8. How often might you visit a bookshop that sold craft beer, cider & spirits?

* 9. What kind of beer, cider or spirits do you buy?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.