The 2018 SEAoO Annual Conference will be held Thursday, September 6th and Friday, September 7th at the Columbus Airport Marriott.  To encourage student attendance, we'd like to better understand what interests/deters you from attending.

* 1. Do you plan to attend the 2018 SEAoO Annual Conference?

* 2. If you DO NOT PLAN TO ATTEND the conference, please indicate why.
Examples: Conference cost ~$40; Hotel cost ~$140/night; Transportation cost; Cannot miss classwork; Excessive homework; Out of town for co-op; etc.

* 3. If you PLAN TO ATTEND the conference, what are you most looking forward to?
Examples: Technical presentations; Networking with professionals; Networking with vendors; Connecting with other SEAoO students; etc.

* 4. If you PLAN TO ATTEND, would you be interested in a Student Breakout session?

* 5. Which student chapter are you a member of?

* 6. Optional: Please provide your name/email, so we can follow up if necessary.